Quattroemme Consulting recognizes its Social Responsibility and the ten principles that underlie the “Global Compact” regarding:

• Human rights
• Work
• Environment
• Fight against corruption

We believe that Social Responsibility is an important factor for the long-term success of a company and the same applies to our stakeholders (shareholders, business partners, employees and customers). Prerequisite for the assumption of Social Responsibility is to preserve our competitiveness and durability over time and constitutes an indispensable component of a value-oriented business management, which provides for the protection of the rights of our personnel including their professional and personal growth and development. To achieve these common objectives, Quattroemme Consulting has listed the principles, inspired by the conventions of the International Labor Organization valid at national and international level, drawn up recognizing and respecting the different cultures and the multiple visions of social values.

Human rights
Quattroemme Consulting respects internationally recognized human rights, promotes respect and ensures that it is not, albeit indirectly, complicit in human rights abuse.

Mandatory work
Quattroemme Consulting repudiates any form of forced or compulsory labor.

Child labor
Quattroemme Consulting is committed to the effective abolition of the exploitation of child labor. Children’s development must not be hindered. Their safety and health must not be compromised. Their dignity must be respected.

Equality of opportunities
Quattroemme Consulting undertakes to protect equal opportunities in employment and to refrain from any discrimination, unless national law specifically provides for selection according to certain criteria. There must be no disparity in the treatment of employees due to sex, race, disability, provenance, religion, age or sexual orientation.

• Equal pay for equivalent tasks
Quattroemme Consulting respects, within the national rules, the principle of “equal pay for equivalent tasks”, for both women and men.

Working conditions
Quattroemme Consulting rejects all working conditions characterized by exploitation.

Health protection
Quattroemme Consulting guarantees occupational safety and health protection in the workplace in compliance with the national provisions and promotes a continuous evolution for the improvement of the world of work.

Quattroemme Consulting recognizes the right to an adequate remuneration, in compliance with the minimum wages guaranteed by national law and the respective labor market.

Working time
Quattroemme Consulting guarantees compliance with the respective national provisions and agreements on working hours and the right to regularly paid working periods of rest.

Quattroemme Consulting promotes employee qualification to allow a high level of performance and high quality work.

Quattroemme Consulting urges and encourages its suppliers to adopt and implement similar principles in their companies. The application of these principles as a basis for mutual relations is expected from its suppliers. For Quattroemme Consulting this represents an excellent basis for a lasting business relationship.

Quattroemme Consulting commits itself to adopt means with a limited environmental impact, in order to reduce any type of pollution, including noise pollution.

Fight against corruption
Quattroemme Consulting undertakes to combat corruption in all its forms.

Procedure for achieving the principles
These principles are binding for Quattroemme Consulting throughout the national and international territory. They are made accessible to all employees in an appropriate form. The company departments of the respective units are responsible for complying with the principles and will adopt appropriate measures for this purpose and will appoint the interlocutors to whom the business partners, customers and employees in individual cases may contact.