Quattroemme Consulting has always supported organizations involved in social and sport industries whose founding values are inspired and aimed towards education, area development, support in difficult situations and that have goals in line with the criteria of social and environmental sustainability.

The objective of Quattroemme Consulting, according to the values that define it, is to participate in wide-ranging activities that have as their final result the growth of people and contexts, enabling them through the implementation of environments that favor the collaboration and the sharing of information, to put them at the service of an intangible but fundamental product for every organization: Creativity. The corporate slogan summarizes this attitude: “from sharing information to sharing creativity”.

The company’s business focus is the development of projects and services in the ICT field by supporting organizations in the Digital Transformation processes. The approach of Quattroemme Consulting in every IT project is to provide a solution, through technological tools, that could produce an advantage to the organization and to the people who are part of it, in terms of:

• Organizational development
• Increase of knowledge
• Increase in skills