Integrated integration and monitoring of IoT systems

through Natural User Interface tools

Both in the Public Administration sector and in the Private sector there is a marked increase in the need for monitoring large or limited geographical areas, complexes of buildings, plants and factories. This activity is determined by the need to manage the security aspects related to the services provided to citizens, employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers, but also by the obligation to certify the agreed service levels (SLA Service Level Agreement).

There is a widespread of proactive and resilient Cyber ​​Security systems, video systems, video analysis, Internet of Things (sensors), systems equipped with Artificial Intelligence to carry out predictive analysis of attacks, malfunctions and preventive maintenance.

Monitoring systems require the presence of highly specialized personnel dedicated to the governance of specific services which are generally isolated and do not exchange data with each other. The lack of a global vision and a specialized language (incomprehensible to non-experts) causes delays in interventions, creates dysfunctions, hinders the decision-making of those with managerial and managerial responsibilities, induces planning and investment errors.

Quattroemme Consulting has specialized in the integration of heterogeneous IoT, Security, Analytics, Telco systems, for real-time monitoring of areas of interest, through the creation of tools based on the Natural User Interface (such as, for example, touch screens, voice commands, intuitive interaction).

Quattroemme Consulting solutions are particularly aimed at Directors, Managers, Supervisors, with a background that is not necessarily technical, who will be able to perform their task of verifying, monitoring and controlling events coming from all the systems that must be governed in the best possible way, through the representation of the areas of interest on three-dimensional models of the sites, on a geographical map.

Other core competencies: